Photography by Julia E. Hatton

June 12, 2009

Photography Snob?

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Perhaps.  Or maybe I just believe in drawing a line between photography and computer-generated art.

So, some signs that perhaps I was at the WRONG workshop.  When the instructor says things like:

  • “Don’t worry about that.  You can fix that in Photoshop.”
  • “Anyone who still uses film is a fool.”
  • “I find image files that were complete crap but, in photoshop, I can turn it into a masterpiece!

August 28, 2007


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Apparently. One of my photos from Hoover Dam is currently on display in the Nikon Stunning Gallery.   Check out the 2nd from the left on the 3rd row above!  Coolness.

July 15, 2007

Closing Night at the Carnival

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I entered my first art show in Dallas, the On My Own Time show at work, with this photo and one other.

This was taken at a local carnival that was setup during Memorial Day weekend. The “carnies” weren’t too happy with me and my cameras, and they ran me off shortly after this was taken.

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